What drives you?

Are you ready to begin your career as a financial planner? Look no further than IPI Wealth Management – your starting point for a compelling career that seamlessly blends operational excellence, meaningful client engagement, and strategic financial planning with an intentional, defined career path. Embrace the opportunity to join our team as an Intern or Service Advisor, unlocking a pathway to a gratifying and empowering future.

Why choose us?

At IPI Wealth Management, we’re not just a workplace – we’re a community of trailblazers dedicated to transforming lives through financial excellence. If you’re eager to make your mark, learn from the best, and embark on a fulfilling adventure, our team is where you belong!

What you’ll do

As an Intern or Service Advisor, you won’t be confined to a single role – you’ll be the heartbeat of our financial planning team, driving innovation and delivering impeccable service.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll dive into:

Dynamic Client Relationships

Elevate your communication skills as you interact directly with our clients through meetings, calls, and correspondence. Witness firsthand the impact of your support on their financial dreams.

Operational Excellence

Learn how to take charge of seamless financial operations by managing accounts, transfers, and data in our cutting-edge technology suite. Your precision will be the backbone of our client-centric approach.

Strategic Financial Planning

Be mentored by seasoned financial advisors to craft comprehensive financial plans and investment strategies. You’ll be an integral part of creating a roadmap to success for our clients.

Innovative Problem Solving

Tackle challenges head-on and work both independently and collaboratively to ensure top-tier service delivery to our clients.

Continuous Growth

Experience a culture of learning and development where staying updated on industry trends and regulations is not just encouraged – it’s essential.

Fresh Perspectives & Learning Opportunities

Learn all aspects of deep financial planning – not just asset management. In addition, you’ll learn new technologies, software systems, and financial concepts.

Why it matters

Your journey with us isn’t just about a job – it’s about becoming a trusted financial partner. As an Intern or Service Advisor at IPI Wealth Management, you’ll play a vital role in shaping the financial destinies of our clients, while laying the foundation for your own success story.

Perks & Growth

We’re invested in your future. Join us to enjoy a competitive starting salary, comprehensive benefits, ongoing training, and the chance to advance your career within our dynamic team.

Internships Available

Summer Internship

Come spend your summer with us! The internship runs from June through August.

Winter Internship

Short-term opportunity to get to know our team and see how we serve our clients.  One-week internships are available during your winter break in December/January.

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